Top 10 Unicorn Gifts

Our 10 best Unicorn gifts

 “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn… then always be a unicorn”

Unicorns are the latest craze for kids, and luckily until it was pointed out to me, I never realised how many unicorn products we actually stock.

If you have a little girl in your life obsessed with unicorns, I’ve got you covered for gifts for birthdays, Christmas or just a general treat! 

Below are 10 of the top items we stock.

1) Personalised Unicorn Ornament

 How about these cute Unicorn ornament? Finished with any name it makes a great gift & keepsake

2) Personalised Unicorn Ornament

What better place to save up all your pennies than in this fantastic unicorn fund!

3) Personalised Unicorn Cushion

These amazing Unicorn Cushions can be personalised with any name. It is a perfect gift for any believer!

4) Hand Painted Unicorn Money Box

Wow..just wow - Beautifully hand painted unicorn money box. 
Choose the feature colours & add any name to complete this hand painted product

5) Personalised Unicorn Drawstring Bag

This fun, colourful and cute Rainbow Unicorn drawstring bag was created for believers only. Designed with all the sparkly, feel-good vibes you need to brighten up your day and finished with any name

6) Unicorn Notebook

Want to stand out fro the crowd? Well you will with this elegantly designed notepad. Ideal for ALL believers.

7) Unicorn Tea Light Holders

Set of 2 Glass Tealight Holders with Mystical Unicorn Design on a Frosted Glass and Metallic Purple Background.

8) Believe in Unicorns Personalised Mug

Personalise this mug with your own name or a friends/relatives name for a great gift for all Unicorn believers! 

9) Unicorn Purse

Keep all your loose change safe in this magical unicorn printed pvc purse.
With its deep purple colours and cartoon prints, this little purse is perfect for all ages.

10) Half Unicorn, Half Mermaid Wall Plaque

Not strictly 100% Unicorn, but still fabulous non the less, this amazing plaque with it's pink and blue design is perfect for both unicorn and mermaid fans alike.

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