Personalised gift ideas for Teachers end of term!

It’s that time of year again already, a matter of weeks until the kids have the 6 week holiday in which to drive you crazy.

Before the holidays begin, the school term finishes and we should really be starting to think about our favourite teachers and how to show them that bit of appreciation for their hard work.6

Here at A Pinch Of Love, we accept that a gift for a teacher is a tricky thing to source, and sometimes a little personalisation means more – which is why we’ve put together this list of gifts to say thank you!


Personalised “World’s best teacher” mugs

How about a personalised mug that your teacher will really appreciate, like the ones shown below – letting them know they are the world’s best teacher and who the mug was from!

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Personalised “best teacher” photo frame

Got a specific moment your child has had with your teacher? Why not get one of these engraved photo frames so y our teacher can remember you!

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Personalised key rings

How about a simple engraved keyring like below to let your teacher remember your little one forever?

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