Our personalised gifts can be personalised even further!

So many products are personalised, but are they EXACTLY what you want? Maybe not quite - but we are willing to make things perfect!


How often have you browsed a website and so many items are close to what you are looking for, but there's always the 'I wish it was this colour, or style'?

This is one thing we set out to overcome - we have lots of personalised products (Naturally, being an online gift shop) but make it convenient for people to change our products slightly to suit their needs.

We have in house designers, this means we are not limited to to designs shown on the website, and can tinker with them at will without losing any of the great quality - all you have to do is get in touch with us via our Facebook Messenger and our team will get things exactly as you want, and we aim to have the designs confirmed within 24 hours! 

Take the example below, our beautiful Memory Box Frames, containing 3 times, names, dates of births - one client messaged us to ask if we could change it round to add Grandparent names instead of children and a couple of graphics instead of the clock.

Original product

Of course we were more than happy to help, and we soon had a concept ready to go, which we exchanged via Facebook, and then we got the finished product together and this was the end result:

Product tailored to clients wishes

Very simple and effective changes, yet tailored the product into exactly what she had asked for, instead of settling for "near enough!"

So if you are browsing our pages, and come across something you like the looks of, but want it in a different colour, font, or anything else then all you have to do is send us a message, and we will do our absolute best to deliver!


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